This course looks at the reange of video resources available for use in education and considers the range if issues in accessing and using them.

This course starts by considering what makes a good lesson and then considers how e-learning techniques & technologies can contribute to this objective.

The course explores the rationale for capturing the learner voice and looks at the technology and techniques needed to carry out such an exercise 

This course outlines the decisions and processes involved when proposing to invest in ILT

This course considers the expectations of the Inspectorate for e-learning, looks at experience to date and explores how learning providers can be better prepared for inspection

Generator is a tool for self assessment. It enables a learning provider to identify the impact that technology has in key areas of its business and then explore the elements that enable successful use of technology.

The course aims to introduce tutors/managers to the issues involved in making information technology safe for learners - whether they are children, young people or adults. 

A course for those involved in lesson observation to enable observers to consider where e-learning could make an impact on the teaching and learning process.