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    On Monday, April 24, the Careers and Skills team will take over academic development and support for students at UWS.  You will receive further communications about this change in due course, but in the meantime please note the new contact details for skills development advisers in the team. 

    The new telephone number is 0141 848 3800 - this is valid for all students, both campus-based and online, apart from students on the London campus who will be supported by local staff.

    Bookings for one-to-one appointments can be made through the online Careers and Skills portal - click here to access it.  Log in using your Banner number and password, then click "My Calendar" in the menu and choose your preferred campus.  Scroll down to find the Academic Skills appointments and select the preferred time, then fill in the form and click "Book This Event".  The location of the meeting is shown in the booking form.

    If you wish to email the skills development advisers, please use this address: skills@uws.ac.uk.

    This Moodle site also contains a number of online resources designed to help all UWS students, wherever they are based, with many of the issues you may encounter while at university - click the "Resources" tab for more information.  We would recommend using this facility first as independent learning is an important part of being at university. The 'FAQ' tab provides answers to many questions you may have and also offers links to the appropriate resources.