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    Before we get to what you can expect in a module you need to be aware that nothing on the Internet is totally anonymous and on any University system you have to comply with acceptable use guidelines. In other words use your common sense and don't try to upset others unnecessarily.

    At the top of the page is a menu system with details of Services, Help and Links. Please remember to use these as a first port of call when you are stuck. These will change over the year as more services are made available or updated.

    Typically on the right hand side of the Home page is the Mahara tool. This is your place to store files, photos, CV etc to be used to create an exciting and engaging multimedia portfolio that can be used as coursework or for employment. It is also the way to communicate with your fellow students by joining and creating groups. Got an interest in underwater basket weaving then create a Mahara group and see how many other students want to join your group and discuss its intricacies.

    Now look around the left side panel. This gives you plenty to play with and to customise Moodle to suit your own needs.

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    You will typically have one or more Topics that cover the background to the module which provides the module descriptor, staff information, assessment information etc

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    Then you will have one or more topics covering the content of the module. Some typical examples are provided below

    •  A file 2.2MB PDF document
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    There are even more resources and activities. Some of these activities will inevitably ask you to review the work or entries of your fellow students. This is a major part of higher education. You must be prepared to have your work criticised in order that it can be improved. Criticism is not to be negative but constructive and it must never be about the author but only about the work. So given the opportunity constructively Comment or Rate as you will be helping.

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    Eventually you will get to the assessment stage and you probably have to send in a coursework through Turnitin. You may find that you are unable to submit your coursework as there are requirements set that you have to meet. In this case you need to have tried the quiz, posted a message in the General Discussion Forum and selected something in the evaluation below.

    •  Test coursework Turnitin Assignment
      Not available unless:
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