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    First of all, congratulations from the School of Science and Sport if you have become pregnant whilst studying here!

    The University will do all it can to help you continue on your programme of study in the event that you are expecting. There are a number of pathways that could be appropriate for you, from applying for Interruption of Studies status to transferring over to part-time status either temporarily or for the rest of your programme of study.

    The most important thing to do in the first instance is inform a member of the School's staff about this as early as you can  - this could be your Personal Tutor, the Student Enhancement Developer (simon.carr@uws.ac.uk), the Education Guidance Adviser (caroline.greenan@uws.ac.uk) or another member of your programme's teaching team - basically anyone you feel comfortable talking to. We will then work in tandem with the Funding and Advice service (fundingadvice@uws.ac.uk) in order to establish a new pathway to completion for you.

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