Current issues in design and delivery of teaching in inclusive, non-traditional, international environments. Content covers resources and delivery methods, environment, innovations, assessment and feedback, global citizenship, student needs/skills, developing good practice.

Online delivery, with option for blended.  Learning activities will be discussions, guided response to readings, webinars/seminars.    Needs to be ready for 2013-14 academic year.  

This is a space in which research minded individuals can gather to gain support, a creative space and somewhere to work with other like minded people.

This site to be used for staff induction in IT skills

This module is being developed by John McQuillan for staff to develop skills in 3D Animation.

This group of training courses provides the information required for all staff members to use the Recording Attendance functionality in Banner. 

This Module is to provide Staff at UWS with the basic information they require when joining the organisation.

This module is a blended learning module to support your academic writing - the overall aim is to guide you through different aspects of a journal paper. 

The first guided course will run on Wednesdays from April 29th 14:00 - 15:30 for 9 weeks. Please note week 8 is a peer-review week and there won't be a face-to-face session.

There is no need to attend all face-to-face sessions as recordings will be made available and more material for self-guided learning will be made available. This is to provide you with support beyond the 9 weeks.